All Asia BarAll Asia: 334 Massachusetts Avenue - Cambridge, MA.

Private Parties at All Asia
Just like a gig, you'll need to contact Marc to plan your private party.

Telephone: 617-497-1544

Fridays and Saturdays are booked two months in advance, so call early.

Questions About Private Parties:

Are There Room Fees?
We take a deposit, commensurate with the priority/value of the slot, to guarantee sales. Fees will be deducted for sound tech and security guard, when appropriate.

Does All Asia Offer a Catered Buffet?
Yes. All Asia can prepare a food spread of your selection. Just notify in advance. A 50% deposit is required one week before your event and food selections should be made 36 - 48 hours in advance of the party.

How Does All Asia Accommodate Musical Entertainment for Private Parties?
You are welcome to bring your own musical entertainment or you can ask All Asia to hire performers for your event.

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